Leader Salary Support Update

Lake Tang staff 2018.jpgBishop Mwaipopo and some Church Leaders

We have now gathered and sent $6,000 to the Lake Tanganyika Diocese since we first heard the plea for help. Pretty amazing, really! Two congregations, nine lay people and six pastors have done this wonderful thing. Thank you.

We already have a little more than $2,100 toward our next wire transfer of $3,000 set for later this month. Three congregations have shared with me their plans for noisy offerings once each month, part of a vacation Bible School offering from another and a Rally day offering from another.

The passion to “live generously” is clear among these congregations whose members include the Lake Tanganyika Diocese and this project regularly in community prayer and thanksgiving.

Remember, if you are in a position to encourage support, please do. If I can be of help in doing that, please contact me. What a joy to be partners with Lutheran Christians half a world away!



Summer Update

May was crazy busy trying to get the word out about the need for salary support for the pastors, evangelists and staff of the Lake Tanganyika Diocese. The response has been very encouraging! We were able to send $3,000 USD by the end of May and we are readying another wire transfer for June in the amount of $3,000.00 USD. People are interested, concerned, helpful and hopeful. We plan to continue praying, asking and celebrating through the end of this year. Bishop Mwaipopo has called with great thanksgiving for our partnership and compassion.

Locally, I have written to the bishop of our synod and those who have held that office recently. I am sure that they have lots of requests for help personally as well as requests to use their influence and connections with colleagues past and present but this seems important and connected to the work to which they dedicated their lives of public ministry. Please don’t take this as guilt-tripping or passive aggressive behavior. These are simply faithful people who continue to set an example of Christian love and commitment in active life and retirement. If the Spirit calls them to this, I trust God to get God’s way.

At the opposite end of the spectrum of office and influence, one child has given me his weekly allowance “for the pastors”! What a great witness and example for other children. Maybe even Vacation Bible School offerings or Sunday School offerings will be solicited as a way to join hands and hearts around the world.

Please continue to pray, asking God’s grace, guidance and peace as all of us, each in his or her own way, seek to follow Christ in the love of God and neighbor.

The Women’s Group

Bishop Mwaipopo is looking for partners in the Gospel.  We are trying to raise $18,900 to remunerate the twenty-four active pastors, evangelists, educators and staff (through December) who have been working without pay since January throughout the Lake Tanganyika Diocese.  You can help.

Anne’s Letter

A week ago I wrote about an urgent need and pointed to a letter that Anne sent to colleagues.  I asked you to consider passing it along to anyone who might be interested.  Here is a link to that letter:


Copy this url, paste it into your browser address line, tap return.  Get the story.  Share.


Still Urgent, Important, and Necessary

Great Good News!

St. Paul Lutheran Church was able to wire $3,000.00 to the Lake Tanganyika Diocese in Tanzania to begin remuneration of the 24 servants of Christ who are working tirelessly AND WITHOUT PAY(!) since December 31 of last year.  Friends, colleagues and family pitched in to give this first start in help.  Read Pastor Anne Reeves’ letter to her colleague to get the full story and get your creative juices flowing to help reach the goal of $18,900 to pay all 24 through December of this year. (URGENT)

Eliezer Mwankenja will be with me at Tree of Life Lutheran Church, Harrisburg,  Saturday evening and Sunday morning for the three worship services and the adult Sunday School Class on Sunday morning.  Tree of Life is one of the partners in this ministry and its people have been generous in our fundraising efforts and in their general giving.  The time seems right for them to meet Eliezer, hear some of his story and taste some American versions of Tanzanian foods.  Those who join in to meet, greet, and pray will also get a personalized pen with Eliezer’s name on it to keep him in pray at least through his graduation next May. (IMPORTANT) ((prayer, not the pen))

The Tech4Tanzania pages on this blog are slowly, slowly, slowly being updated and more are being added.  I am unclear: Is it my procrastination or my perfectionism that keeps getting in the way of these administrative duties?  Can I really find the time or is my ninth draft really good enough?  Time to put on the shoes and “Just do it! (NECESSARY)

Stay tuned.  Randy

What’s Happening Now?

With the dawn of a new day, God brought laughter, ministry and clarity.  As president of our home owner’s association I joined in a fun project.  Just before 7AM my other officers and I began stopping cars and giving away free donuts for “Donut Day in Beaumont Square”.  We hoped to meet neighbors, make connections and update contact information; all while giving free donuts to neighbors on their ways to work and school.  The surprise, wonder and delight were contagious.  Great way to start the day.

Next, I changed clothes and headed into Harrisburg to drive my pastor to visit members in specialized health-care facilities.  I had volunteered to drive because recent surgery on his left foot meant transportation by bent knee on a scooter.  Certainly no walking or driving.  Good man and good conversation…with me, for sure.  From the smile on his face and the joy in the eyes of those he visited, good and godly conversation with them, too.

Next stop, lunch with my charge, at a place without steps for easy “rolling access” and wonderful ethnic food just because it is wonderful.  Inspiring, intimate conversation about important life experiences, hopes and dreams.  Part of our time together was spent sharing tech4Tanzania moments and current, unfolding mission.  Encouragement opened my eyes for clear vision, my heart for kind friendship and my soul for determination and focus.

Three points for now and into the future:  not three preaching points and a poem as in the old days of preaching classes among those who have not necessarily been called and/or gifted by God and the Holy Spirit to speak,  simply three points:

  1. It is urgent to raise $18,900 for 24 preachers, teachers, evangelists and administrators of the Lake Tanganyika Diocese to live adequately through the close of this year.
  2. It is important to build relationships with and for Eliezer Mwankenja so that together we can support his tuition expenses and bring his parents to the USA for his graduation in May 2019.
  3. It is necessary to update the information pages of this blog, pages that have gone to seed during the barrenness of my spirit.

What’s happening now?  The Spirit of Pentecost is blowing across this writer and these pages.  Thanks be to God. RWB.



No Excuses

It has been months since I posted anything here.  There are no excuses.

Please accept my apology.  Please forgive me.  Your partnership is important!

For months I have been depressed with the personal facts of aging!  I have been consumed by darkness.  I have not been able to see, accept or appreciate God’s goodness and blessing as it unfolds in and around me every day.  Thankfully, a new day has dawned. My hope is restored, not in myself but in the God who makes all things new.

Please keep checking this page for words and images of wonder, need and awe.  Together with God, we can change lives for good.

Good News!

Bishop Mwaipopo has confirmed that the container from Tech4Tanzania has arrived at the Lake Tanganyika Diocese and is being inventoried and sorted for distribution as planned.  Heartfelt thanks to all who: gathered and packed items for the container, processed all of the paperwork, transported the items around the world, gave money to defray expenses here and in Tanzania, thank God for this opportunity to serve God’s people.

The adventure continues.  We hope to receive stories and pictures of people using the things that were sent to enhance their ministries and further their work.

You can still help in our mission: Developing Relationships for Life!
Pray for all those working to do God’s will in help and service
Learn about our efforts to promote learning opportunities for Tanzanian friends
Provide additional funds to offset the container storage fees accrued in Tanzania
Send words of joy at the marriage of Bishop Mwaipopo’s daughter set for Dec. 9
Stay open to God’s gracious development in you every day
Contact us for more information:  tech4tanzania@yahoo.com


Still Waiting in Tanzania

Our container arrived on schedule, October 8, to the port at Dar Es Salaam.  WAMA of the ELCT is our import agent this time.  They did an amazing job with our first container almost six years ago.  Subsequent shipments have run into small and huge obstacles trying to be released from port and sent on the way for development and relief work among friends, sisters and brothers in Christ.

More than five weeks in captivity and waiting for yet another clearance.  Paperwork, check transfers and government processes have kept the container in storage.  Today we received word that still another agency must inspect and clear the candles that are in the shipment.  Candles that have been declared since August; candles sitting in Dar Es Salaam since October 8, must now be inspected, approved and verified with paperwork while storage costs continue to accrue approaching values that I cannot even imagine our consignee being able to afford.  Sad.  Frustrated.  Angry.

Dear God, bring an end to this waiting.  Free this container for service to your people just as you freed your people from slavery in Egypt long ago.  Lead with cloud and fire.  Let your light so shine before us that all may praise and thank you each day.  Amen


Another Container is Readied for Shipment

We pack the sea container in one week! Be at Mission Central, 5 Pleasant View Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 at 9 AM on Tuesday, August 8 to pray and work up a sweat loading treasures for friends and strangers in East Africa. God has abundantly blessed us with good things to share. Help if you are able. Pray for safe travel and life enrichment no matter what.

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