Good news: Star…

Good news: Starting to receive checks and promises of cash for self and computer shipping.  Very encouraging.  Talked with friend who is willing to host a Facebook page for us.  Details unfold!  Adam explained why those who choose to “follow” this blog (get email notifications of updates) will receive word from our host, and not simply  Hope it is not too confusing.

Bad news: My dentist is confused and thought that all of this Tanzania talk in email, etc. was simply one more hacking scam from my address!  Oh, my.  It is not.  CDC has issued a Yellow Fever warning for Tanzania.  I can still get in w/o immunization, I just won’t be allowed to leave.  I am ready for the shot.  I “lost” all my pictures of Computer Ministry Inc., (they’ll be supplying computers and packaging) they went to black, blank spots in my iPhoto app.  Time for new ones with new camera and see what’s up and/or web search for iPhoto issues.

Please stay tuned, pray and talk.  Thanks


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