Independence Day is December 9

Tanzania achieved its independence from Great Britain in 1961.  Its first president, Julius Nyerere, is honored today as the great teacher and father of the nation.  The country has been able to live democratically and in peace all these years.  Some think it is because of great diversity, within its borders there are over 180 different tribes and at least 3 major religions:Christianity, Islam and Nature Religion.  Nyerere declared that Tanzania had three enemies:  Poverty (umaskini), ignorance (ujinga) and disease (ujonjwa).  Tanzania is still fighting against all three.  

We partner with friends to run to the vision!

On that first day Nyerere said:  “Let us light a torch and put it on top of Kilimanjaro, so that its light shines across our borders, and so that it brings hope where there is desperation, love where there is hate, and dignity where there is humiliation.”

Preparation for this year’s celebration are going strong in Mbeya, right now.  Check out the pictures.


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