Extra Mile Giving Here

The folks of Computer Ministry Inc. are willing and able to send extra computer systems for the Bishop’s office.  He has requested an iPad for mobile computing and John, who will be the partnership contact person, is hoping for a good HP laptop with 13.5 to 15 screen so that he can keep the pictures and words flowing as he travels around the Konde Diocese.  Recent text books for the sciences and the humanities for the school have been requested from friends at area colleges and additional contributions have been made from friends and neighbors.  We have a ways to go but not lots of time if we hope to have the container to the school in time for Fall classes.  Please continue to pray God and tell friends about your joy in giving, helping and empowering others!  Thanks.


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2 thoughts on “Extra Mile Giving Here

  1. Sarah on said:

    Dad, There is an org in Amherst called Reader to Reader that might be able to give you text books. Can you send me more information about what the school needs and when you need to have the books for the shipment? Thanks! Sarah

  2. Thank you for the possible connection. I understand your request for specifics and I will work on that. Container cannot possibly leave Mechanicsburg until week of July 2, probably later because of funding. Do you have a vision for transport here?

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