He has landed!

This is Anne writing the post.  I have been monitoring Randy’s progress across the world today on Flightaware, watching the plane cross Italy, Libya, Sudan, and finally getting to Mount Kilimanjaro International Airport.  Ok, I’ll admit it.  That’s my moment of envy: getting off the plane and laying your own eyes on this famous mountain.  That and being practically next door to the Serengeti.  But then again, I did not have to spend a whole 24 hour period in a cramped seat either.

Randy and Pastor Kumbuka at his graduation with a brand-spanking new Master’s degree.

By now Randy has deplaned at Dar-es-Salaam and is probably crying happy tears with his twin brother (of the same nose, birthday and sense of “funny”) Pastor Kumbuka Mwasanguti.  Can’t wait to Skype with them.  I miss Pastor Kumbuka too.  So happy reunion and much work ahead. Tomorrow Randy has a big meeting with Wama to talk about the import of 100 computers.  On Friday it’s off to Mbeya for Amani to reunite with his wife and Randy to do lots of work at the College-now-University.  God’s blessings.  Stay safe!


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2 thoughts on “He has landed!

  1. John Mwasakilali on said:

    Thank you very much Anne for praying for our flying. We have been arrived safely in Dar- es- Salaam Airport. Randy, Amani, the Bishop, Mwakyolile and his wife plus Kumbuka. They are taking overnight at Luther House in Dar es Salaam. Wishing you a nice day.

  2. Anne-Rose Reeves on said:

    Thank you for letting me know that Randy is safe. We will get this project done. I am so excited and happy that all of you arrived home safely.

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