Dar to Mbeya in just 18 hours!

That’s right.  Those of you who read Anne’s Facebook know she thought a leisurely 8 hour drive…maybe she is right but it was and 18 hour adventure.  Pastor Armani, eager to get home to his family, knocked on my door at 4 AM!  We had planned to leave at 6 and 5 AM rise and shine was my plan. We were down stairs by 5 and i had the joy of watching and listening to Lutherans gathering for worship on their ways to work.  Beautiful sound, wonderfully different from the USA.  Various travelers showed up at different times (all after 6) and we would pack thinking that there couldn’t possibly be more than two more bags when three, four or even five showed up under the careful and protective of the traveler or sender.  Only one bag on top.  Six people inside.

Pastor Kumbuka charged into traffic of trucks, cars, motor cycles, walkers, food and trinket hawkers and ten overturned tractor trailer loads, speed bumps, monkeys, police, roadside rest stops, road construction and school children…often traveling at 135 – 140 kph.  At least I hope it was Kilometers and not miles.

I stay with my friend over the weekend and then move to the university to get me immersed in technology conversations, discoveries and team building with Communications officers, IT people and Provost.  

I hope to post picture when we slow down.  In the national park today we saw giraffes, elephants, zebra, monkeys and either deer or antelope.  I took pictures but I do not think I got any good ones…that just makes the story telling all the better.

Anne keeps getting gifts for transportation, offers to hear and do more, and some money.  Please keep up the prayers and the money and the networking.  The miracle is getting closer.


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One thought on “Dar to Mbeya in just 18 hours!

  1. Anne-Rose Reeves on said:

    Thanks for the post. I am spreading the story. What an adventure to make this happen. 100 computers to Tanzania by September. We are crazy and I think God-driven on this project. Help out if you can.

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