Of Chickens and Wallhangings

I am sure that were he not so tired, Randy would write his own blog post this evening but it is after midnight in Mbeya and he had quite a day.  Today is Sunday, which means that he attended several worship services at Pastor Kumbuka’s church, took tea and cakes with the elders in-between services, saw the dream of a church member come alive in the building of a school for children with physical and mental challenges, started working on getting pastor Kumbuka’s computer cleaned up and running…..and got handed a live chicken during the offering time at worship.  Yep, that’s right!  It was Randy’s job to take the chicken from the ushers and put it on the altar.  It was a new one for this western churchgoer-big time.  He said he did not know what to do-put the chicken right on table when there is a chance that the chicken might do some personal business or put it on the floor.  I’ll let him tell you what he did when he writes another post.

The other wonderful thing in which he participated today was the after worship auction in which the in-kind offerings (think live chicken) get sold.  He told me on Skype that he is bringing home a wallhanging that is too big to fit into the suitcase.  We will find a place.

Tomorrow it’s off to the university in Uyole and meetings with the provost, the faculty and the IT staff.  Pray that everything goes well and that we will get those 100 computers there in time for fall semester.  Better yet, make a contribution to educate the world.

One of the things Randy saw on his way to Mbeya


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One thought on “Of Chickens and Wallhangings

  1. Thanks for the story. I was too tired. It is only 5 PM here but the day was busy, busy, busy – JOY.

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