Busy and Tired

This is Anne and I am still the blogger today.  I skyped with Randy 11PM Tanzania time and he was dead tired after a long day of meetings and conversations with the provost, the staff and others at the new university.  What a busy time it is.  He told me that a very cold wind was blowing off the mountain and rattling the house in which he is staying on the campus.  He had dinner with Amani, Amani’s wife Blandina and got to give little Israel his toy from the US.  What a joy that was for him.

He also shared that he took a tour of campus and got to see the computer center (awaiting our computers)  and the library that really, really needs academic books.

Tomorrow, Randy has more meetings and finally a little shopping for 4 giraffe necklaces, a carved lion, some pottery and something special for yours truly.  He can surprise me.  However, as a foodie what I want most is the recipe for the “red sauce” he keeps raving about. And another one for how to fry the bananas the right way.  Randy, I hope you are looking at this-get the recipes…please.

Tanzanian Beef and banana stew…with Red Sauce!



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