Back to the Grind….Joyfully

Even though Randy got to go to Matema Beach yesterday, it was still a work day for him. And here I thought it a vacation day…silly me..  Randy had meetings with educational groups, he has more meetings tomorrow and he was rubbing his eyes and face when I skyped with him today. He is tired. No surprise there.

Certain things are absolutely clear in our conversations back and forth across oceans and the equator:  Folks want him to get the entire picture about higher education in that part of Tanzania which is why he is scheduled to meet people everywhere.  The vision of the people is amazing and far-reaching.  There is hope for the future and the absolute trust that God is with them in it.  And Randy is excited to be a small part of that.

One thing he has charged me to do in this post today  is to say that the Provost, Dr. Mwankenja, Pastor Amani and Pastor Kumbuka and their families are taking wonderful care of him.  He has never experienced such profound hospitality before. And he is humbled by that and grateful and it brings him much joy.

A picture of Matema Beach Randy took yesterday when he arrived

I too am grateful because I want this man to come come back safe and sound and ready to move this project and ministry forward.

God’s Blessings to all who tend to this God-Kissed project and vision.


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