Weightwatchers Again?

On Skype this afternoon Randy said that he probably will come home ready for another round of diet food in the house.  You cannot go anywhere in Tanzania without being offered something to eat and drink.  And you better not refuse.  I get that.  German hospitality is the same way.  No matter what your protestations or reasons, it is not proper to turn down your very glad and delightful hosts when they offer you their house, their food, their treats, their hospitality and love.  So we will see what Randy looks like when I pick him up on Friday at the airport.  He did not say that the clothes he took don’t fit anymore.  And he also has been busy, busy, busy everyday since he arrived.  That might just offset all the wonderful stuff he is being offered all the time as he tells me at whose house he has had tea and who insisted that he take something from the table, be it groundnuts or boiled eggs or finger foods and full fledged meals and amazing fresh fruit.

In the meantime, he has taken some pictures for us.  I know that there are some of you who are collecting college level textbooks for the library.  There are some of you donating your resources to ship the computers.  Here are a couple of pictures of where your gifts are going.  Lets fill the container to the top.

The newly built library awaiting books

This is where the computers are going


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