The Slow Trek Home

This morning Randy began the long slow trek home.  It goes through Iringa with a one day stop at Ruaha National Park,  back to Dar-es-Salaam,  Amsterdam and home.  I am so looking forward to seeing him at the end of the week.  I know he will be glad to see me too.  He says that whenever we have a chance to Skype. But I also know that coming back is not the end of the journey for Randy.   Now that he has all the proper connections with Wama and  the University and its helpers, we are ready to get computers and books over to Mbeya.  That means making an inventory, scheduling the container, insuring the stuff, getting some additional items from Computer Ministry,  packing the container and of course gathering some more contributions to make it all happen. All by the middle of July!  That way, everything will up and running for the start of the fall semester and eager students trying to learn or hone their computer skills.  Imagine what will have been accomplished.  100 computers and hundreds of pounds of academic books for the library in just a few months.

If you had considered making a contribution, now is the time to do it so it can processed by St. Paul’s in time for all the bills that have to be paid in short order.  And speaking of bills, Randy, my dear, do not forget the grandchildren’s gifts.  You know what bills you will have to pay if you do.

A glimpse of Ruaha National Park.


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