The Packing Has Begun

We are moving towards shipping-fast.  Randy checked in with the guys at Computer Ministry on Monday and 50 of the units have been inventoried and packed already.  By next week the remainder will be done.  E-mails have gone out to all of our academic book collectors and next Tuesday will be the big day for sorting and packing the our garage no less.  And five minutes ago our shipper confirmed the pick-up date.  It is coming together and I think in no small part because of the fervent prayers of all of our friends and partners in Mbeya.  Not a day goes by since Randy has returned without receiving an e-mail from one or two of the staff, showering God’s blessings on us and letting us know that many, many hands are clasped in prayer giving thanks to God for all of us (that means you) pulling it together.  So here we go…

Some of the books that will get packed on Tuesday.


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One thought on “The Packing Has Begun

  1. Aminael Julius on said:

    we thank you for that, its the big step for all of us and we believe our partnership ll be strengthen by prayers and co operation

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