More Books and Recipes

Allright…allright!  I could be talking about important things, like the fact that Dr. Marcus Thomsen from Franklin and Marshall College and his wife Margerete delivered boxes upon boxes of academic books this morning so that the garage is beginning to get full.  We celebrated the achievement by having a cup of Tanzanian tea in our living-room after unloading all the books in the heat of the day.  Margarete and Randy swapped Tanzania stories and each had favorite memories to share.

I also could tell you that the container will be at Computer Ministry at 10AM sharp on July 11 and that we will have clergy types on hand to bless it and pray over it while it is gets loaded up.  Come out and pray with us.

But what I really want to tell you about is Tanzanian Green Banana Meat Stew with rice and chapatis.  As a foodie I am always interested in feeling my way into other people’s food and culture.  And this one was by special request of Randy.  I know that one way to get to know people is to cook and eat their food.   It is primeval and basic.  It is what we all have to do, to feed ourselves and one another.  And when we share food with one another, we share one of the most essential pieces that make for community.  So Randy went to our favorite grocery store and requested a bunch of bananas that had not been placed in the ripening room, very green ones.  We picked them up this morning and  I cooked the dish (with the help of a video from Miriam Rose of a  He said I got it exactly right.  Amen!

We served it up with chapatis and rice and had a  feast.  A fitting ending to a day with so many blessings.

This is what it looked like before we dug in.



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4 thoughts on “More Books and Recipes

  1. Aminael Julius on said:

    Tanzanian recipes are delicious and easy to learn if Randy would stay more days would taste various of recipes especially ndizi nyama

    • Dear Aminael,
      I would so appreciate you writing down some recipes and e-mailing them to Randy. You do not need to be exact about the amounts. I can figure that out. Just send the approximate ingredient list and I will be very happy. We got some more really green bananas today. Send suggestions.

      • Aminael Julius on said:

        ok.Anne sorry for late reply…if you have some bananas of your favorite let me email the recipe to Randy

  2. Aminael Julius on said:

    am proud to say that we are lucky to have you our partners who are real concern about educational development especially at our region Mbeya specifically our college,you are among unforgettable people who built the foundation of better education.may God bless you all

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