It’s Getting Serious

Today was the day when all the pallets were finished packing and laid out and measured.  Today was the day when St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Enola wrote the check to our shipping company  “Mission and Relief Logistics LLC”  and mailed it off.  Today was the day when the last items anyone wanted in that container had to be wrapped and ready to go.  Today was the day when Randy took the final inventory of everything and pronounced it “a lot!!!”  We are actually doing this.  How exciting it is to be part of this life-changing mission.

The big check on its way to the post office.

And how wonderful it is to heed the call of God.  On Wednesday, everything is picked up, on Friday the ship leaves Baltimore Harbor.  WHOOHOO!


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3 thoughts on “It’s Getting Serious

  1. Keith Gilbert on said:

    Definately VERY exciting to be sharing in ministry with our brothers and sisters in Tanzania…It will be awesome to watch as the computers help the university expand it’s role for the people of Tanzania…God is good!

  2. God is good indeed. All the time God is good.

  3. Aminael Julius on said:

    God is awesome..blessed are those friends who didn’t slept for so long thinking how computers and all equipment can be collected and reach Tanzania…now all things are possible

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