What Do You Do When All You Can Do Is Wait?

You have a party, that’s what!  Two, as a matter of fact.  We are waiting while the MSC Natalia makes its slow voyage across the Atlantic to Africa, praying her safely across the waters.  She is out of range right now and we a cannot track her until she gets close to Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  We thought it was the perfect time to retell the story AND say thanks to people who have gotten us to this point.  Last night we invited many of  our good neighbors so Randy could tell them why he wasn’t walking Isaac the dog for two and a half weeks last month and about which they had inquired with me.  “Where’s the big man?  Where’s Isaac’s buddy?”  “Would you believe that he is in Tanzania right now?” I’d answer.  And folks were hooked on hearing the story.

Last night we had the first of two parties.  This one was for the neighbors to see in pictures what we have been up to for the past four months.   Tomorrow night we will do it all over again with a big Open House.  Tomorrow’s party is for folks who contributed in one way or another to make this project happen.  I have my menu ready:  Tanzanian meat stew with green bananas, pilau, braised cabbage, samusas and other delicacies will grace the table and I am looking forward to preparing it.  Randy is sorting through pictures to put around the house.  Isaac will get a stern lecture about good behavior.  And the party will be on.

It makes the waiting easier as we hope that the container will arrive safely and intact on its journey half way around the globe.  We keep praying for that

Getting ready for party #1



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