Round Two

Preparing the samosas

Allright-now I am pooped, tired and a little worn out.  Last night was the second party of the week and this one was to say thank you to people who contributed to the container project.  We talked and shared and even spoke about plans for the future.  And me, I cooked…and then cooked some more.  I wanted to offer an East African feast and because Amani is still home in Mbeya, I asked Randy to test run everything I prepared.  He was only too happy to oblige and I knew I had done something right when he came in from the last run to the grocery store and announced that our kitchen smelled exactly like all the homes he visited in Tanzania.  That is a high compliment when you are tackling a cuisine unfamiliar to you.  But I have never been afraid to try new recipes anyway and this was no different.  The worst thing that can happen is that you ruin a few ingredients and you have to turn off your mother’s voice that warns you about not wasting food.  We did not waste any food last night.  We ate it all.

A lot of people stopped by and and it was so good to see how so many had worked together to make this project happen.  Some gave of their monetary resources.  Others gave stuff.  Still others collected, sorted and gave the library books.  All of them encouraged  and all them  saw this project as important and God-driven.  So now we are in our holding pattern with still others helping us get it completed and that container safely to SHUCo.  We are blessed.


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One thought on “Round Two

  1. Aminael Julius on said:

    Yes you are Blessed Anne ,what you did is so grateful we have no words enough to thank you,we are praying for you friends,and God give you whatever you pray.You ll test variety of cuisine when you come Tanzania

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