In African Waters

Yesterday was the day when the MSC Natalia came back into range as she skirted Cape Town, South Africa.  I could not resist logging into the tracking site several times during the afternoon and watch that little green dot  make progress around the southern most tip of Africa toward Port Elizabeth at 15.9 knots, wishing her to go faster and knowing that the wishing will not do it.  The ship made it safely across the Atlantic-Amen.  Tonight she will be docked in Port Elizabeth and exchange cargo.  Then she will continue to Dar-es-Salaam with one very special container headed for SHUCo.

Yesterday’s obsession with watching the container’s progress reminded me that Randy and I sometimes worry too much about the contents getting to Mbeya intact;  about the potential problems of unloading when there is no warehouse or loading dock to help the process;  about the jostling on the crazy road from Dar to Mbeya; and about whether all the right paperwork was admitted to all the right institutions. But like wishing, worry won’t help.  And besides, our Tanzanian partners and friends have told us over and over again:  “Remember that we have an army of pray-ers over here.”

I don’t know whether God gets many prayers about computers from people, but He has been getting an earful lately.   So I am fantasizing that even God has his eye on a blip of a ship going at 15.9 knots towards Africa.  And that’s a whole lot better than me doing it.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


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One thought on “In African Waters

  1. Hallow Anne thank you for your informations, we are praying and God will help us the conteiner to dock at Dar es salaam port safely.

    And all computers will reach at Shuco university and we have organised the truck and the one to escott from Dsm to Mbeya and the driver to take care on driving.

    Happy tech4tanzania and mkono ka mkono!!

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