Sitting on it

Today, Randy and I have logged on at least five times.  One or the other of us will check if the MSC Natalia is still docked at the port in Durban, South Africa, hoping that lots of containers are moving on and off the ship and that we will be able to see her move out of one of the busiest ports I have ever seen.  People in our churches have wondered about the progress as well.  They ask “Where is the container  today?”  “In Durban.”  “Where is Durban?”  “South Africa, East Coast.”  “When will it get to Dar es Salaam?”  “In God’s time.”  It is the best and only answer we have.

Lots of people have a stake in this container and this ministry-they pray and cheer for the project every day.  They want the project to succeed. They are the prayer warriors on two continents.  But even they would like to know what God’s time looks like.

It is tough waiting and not exactly knowing the “when”.  I know.  We all want to see the container arrive in Mbeya within the next two weeks  (which it will barring any major disasters), and for us Westerners waiting is worse than anticipating Christmas.  Our culture is short on patience and eager for results.  I know that our African partners do so much better than us in this in-between-time.  We, who expect everything to happen quickly and on our terms,  might might as well take a step back enjoy the time waiting, take a deep breath, pray some more and dream about God’s future for all of us together.  The ship will get to Dar es Salaam in God’s time, not ours.  Thanks be to God that, ultimately, it is up to Him.  If we were in charge we’d mess it up every time and we would miss a thing or two.  But God knows what He is doing.  And he has an impeccable record. So we wait on God with the rest of creation.  And pray.  And rejoice.  And believe that whatever God wants, God gets…in God’s time every time!

The Port of Durban, South Africa.


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