He’s Coming Back

Pastor Amani Mwajande will be back in the US on Sunday night.  He suggested that we bring Isaac the beagle dog, his friend, to Dulles Airport to greet him.  That will not happen.  Isaac is way too rambunctious.  But what will happen is that we will try to ease the homesickness of this Tanzanian pastor as best as we can.  He has already told us for three e-mails going that the cook in the family should prepare the African food she knows how to put together…Chicken and green banana stew, Kachumbali and Chapatis.

Amani, we are laying in supplies and the cook is practicing.  We will do our best and we will ask you to be our special taste-taster so that we know we are doing it the right way.  We cannot wait to see you again and hear a first hand account of how life is changing at SHUCo.  The folks there have sent us pictures of everything including the leveling of ground for the new ball fields to the faculty offices to the new lecture hall.

Tell us the story again, Amani.  Remind us of the blessing that God gives in and through serving and giving.  Remind us that even though the container is still in transit, our hopes and dreams and the prayers of God’s people in Tanzania and ours can be joined together as one.

It will be so good to see Pastor Amani because the rest is a waiting game at the moment and American people don’t do well with that, especially the two people who started this project!!!  But at least we can cook together with our African brother and family member.

The new lecture hall at SHUCo


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One thought on “He’s Coming Back

  1. Hallows, I will be happy to see you again, I will introduce to you how kachumbali, ugali and cooked bananas with meat prepared! we are praying for our conteiner. greetings from Shuco community, see you soon!!

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