We’ll send a Ladder in the Next Container

That is what some of the folks in my congregation said when they saw the pictures from SHUCo with delight and thanksgiving.  Our sewing and quilting group who make loads upon loads of school kits and quilts every year have wondered in times past whether the work of their loving hands ever gets to the places it is supposed to go.  Here was the affirmation.  Good stuff does make it by the grace of God.   We were all amazed at the human chain that unloaded the container without a loading dock or even a ladder.  We have all speculated about the contraption the young men are standing on to get the copier down from the truck.  It looks like a sturdy old stove to me but I can’t be sure.  Whatever they used, they managed it just fine.  However, the men in my church want to send a ladder for the next one.  Amen.


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