Less travel, more calls…help!

With a “wintery mix” falling quietly in the morning hours here, my plans for working the vision and mission of tech4tanzania have have shifted: Stay home.  Use the phone and computer.  God knows that I have lots of people to contact and even more with whom I must follow up.  No frivolous running today!

I am working to find pastors, congregations and other groups that will invite Pastor Amani and me to speak at a meeting, worship or in adult Sunday School classes about the work of SHUCo.  At the Biblical direction of Jesus I have, “cast my bread upon the waters” and trust that it will not return empty but multiple for God’s purposes.

Here is some of the bread I am casting (opportunities to bring good news) for SHUCo.  You can join the adventure!

  • Typist to inventory and catalog books and supplies
  • Drivers to pick up donations
  • Book box collectors
  • College bookstore friends
  • College science teachers and lab workers
  • 10 Churches or organizations to each raise $1,000 for shipping
    we have great ideas!
  • Nurses and science teachers to design “projects” for an educational fair
  • Medical equipment (as per list)
  • Science lab equipment (as per list)

Please pray God and tell people – friends, coworkers, church members, neighbors – everyone who might catch this vision of equipping students who are eager to learn and serve in Tanzania.  Send me email with contact information, requests for the lists (above) other details, new and different ideas.

********   Shipping from Mission Central, Tuesday, June 4, 2013 *********


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