No opportunity missed!

Anne went to a local surgical center for a minor test today.  Although I was supposed to take care of her, I began to talk with the nurses about SHUCo and the emerging programs in nursing.  Before I knew it, Anne was discharged and I had gotten a promise of nursing books form two of the nurses.  Additionally, Nurse Becky was so excited by the idea of sharing things that are important to her (good human care through good nursing) that she is going to place her story on her Facebook page and invite friends and classmates to also donate.  Additionally, the nurses told me about a local pediatric surgeon who has set up a foundation to send medical equipment and supplies overseas.

Now I hope that I will need people and vehicles to periodically pick up the books.  I need to find sturdy book boxes – Anyone have friends in a local bookstore, college bookstore, moving company?  We’ll need help to sort, inventory and catalog the books.  Maybe most important, we need prayers of thanksgiving that God continues His blessings.

If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or offers of help; please email us at  Tell folks about this blog.  Ask friends to like us on their Facebook or similar social network pages.  Thanks for building partnerships for life.

Oh, by the way, Anne is fine.  She is laughing and clicking her tongue…at me and with God.  God is good all the time!


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