Are you the one or shall we seek another?

dog on sofa

In addition to supplies and text books for nursing and sciences we need to gather books on computer programing, networking, data base management, discrete mathematics and digital circuits.  Friends and Randy will do the “ask” but he needs you to think creatively and make introductions and open doors to new relationships.  He knows that we should try area schools and colleges but he seldom gets through the receptionist without a name or a referral.  Maybe you are the one.

In terms of other human resources, real people with time and specific talents, I must say: Randy is a terrible office manager.  Maybe  someone with office organizational skills hears a call from God to get all this great technology and educational resources to Tanzania in an orderly way.  Randy is quickly falling behind in inventory control, correspondence and resource research.  All of this is crucial to our mission and addressing it may be joyful to someone…other than Randy, or me for that matter.  Be an answer to prayer and email your offer to:  One morning a week at the Mission Central in Mechanicsburg and/or at your own desk will make a big difference.  Randy will explain things and get out of the way.  Maybe you are the one.

As you can imagine after studying my picture, this post was really difficult.  It needs a human.  Maybe you are the one.


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