Sniffing around. Maybe you are the one…Come and see.

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On March the third, “our” college in Tanzania (SHUCo) is being officially accredited with a big ceremony by the Tanzanian government and the church  (ELCT).  We are so glad to have been part of this!  Randy is going around snapping pictures and taking videos so that we can be included in the celebration via the Internet.  The word from scripture, “Well done good and faithful servants!” is ringing in the air.

Yet with Jesus’ story we don’t get to sit down and relax after that good word.  In that story, the servants who have accomplished much get more work to do!  The master directs the stewards to give them more assets to invest, use and multiply.  That seems to be happening with us.

Lists of needed books have arrived by e-mail.  A wish list of laboratory equipment for the basic sciences has been making the rounds with all kinds of people.  A dream about being “THE COLLEGE” in southern Tanzania that trains nurses and nursing assistants has been shared with us.

Randy and Anne are willing and hope that you are, too.  Our second container is scheduled to ship early in June.  This time the 100 computers are the easy part.  Computer Ministry has approved our request!  We need the science lab and nursing practicum equipment.  We need computer peripherals and computer science books.  We need specific books unique to the Tanzanian Commission on Universities accreditation criteria.  We need general college level text and reference books for the library and the Church educational system at other levels.  We need you to pray and help with ideas and wonderments.

Randy and Anne are hosting a one-time get-together in the community room at the Giant grocery store in Camp Hill on Sunday February 17 from 2PM to 3:30PM.  (I am not allowed.)  The gathering is not about fundraising but about vision and human resources.  Leave your checkbook at home.  Bring your imagination, your contact list and the open heart that God has given you to share with others.

 I know that this is short notice.  I know that it is Lent.  I am  inviting you because you know the scripture story about faithful servants.  You know that God’s mission is not done until the kingdom comes in its fullness.  You know that you may have a part in this but you need to hear more.

Join the conversation with God and neighbors near and far.  Continue the good work begun.  Share the blessings this Sunday afternoon…oh, yes, bring all your friends who want to change the world.  You know who they are.



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