What a Difference a Year Makes

Randy was checking his social media account the other day when his computer binged on Facebook.  It was one of our Tanzanian friends ready for some conversation back and forth.  She had seen that he was online and thought she would check in with us.  That would not have happened last year when this whole project got started.  Even trading e-mail with one another took some time and for the people at SHUCo it was quite expensive.  It required modem time (not cheap) and , more importantly, a functioning computer.  A year has passed and SHUCo is really getting wired.  Not only through our computers, but also through the more reliable internet service now present on the campus of the college.  We are able to talk to each other in  real time!  With ease!  We are building relationships.  And……(big announcement)… SHUCo has developed its website, http://www.shuco.ac.tz, which is up and running. Prospective students can download college applications and check out tuition costs, faculty and programs.  They can even see pictures of the campus in the gallery, including the mug of my husband, listed under “our American partner.”  What a difference a year makes.  So lets add another year and see what SHUCo and God do with that.


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