Holy Week


Yes, it is Holy Week and our work for tech4tanzania is momentarily taking a backseat to preparations for Easter, at least in our house.  It’s not that folks have stopped looking for books and equipment or that e-mails have stopped coming in, but practicing our faith traditions and more is taking some time at the moment.  Pastor Amani will be with us this weekend and he will be rousted out of bed very early on Sunday morning to go to our church’s cemetery service and tailgate party.  I know he hates the cold but for Easter he will just have to put up with it.  Last year we taught him how to dye Easter eggs so I know that he will be a pro this year.  I did not know that there is not much of a tradition like this in Tanzania and we (meaning Randy and I) have decided to label some eggs just for him so that he can go on the hunt with the grandchildren and tell tales about it when he gets home.

In the meanwhile the rest of us are still hunting for other things, namely books, lab equipment and funds.  And while Holy Week preparations take up most of our energy this week, all that work is holy as well, no matter when it happens.


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