So this is Vacation?

vacation time

vacation time

Yes, I did get to catch up on my sleep.  And finally, yesterday, I got to sit down in my favorite lounge chair and read the newspaper cover to cover.  But other than that the week was filled with chores, meetings, trips and more.  Sewing machines were hauled here and there.  One of our good friends needed a meal post-surgery so there was cooking to be done.  Grandchildren wanted to be seen at their athletic events.  On Thursday, three of us went up to the surplus store that Penn State operates hoping to find some scientific equipment but had no luck whatsoever.  (I pray everyday that God sends us a good, laboratory worthy microscope. God, are you listening?)  And let’s not forget that on Saturday night we attended the big fundraising gala for Mission Central which has become such an important partner in this ministry.

In the meanwhile, it is back to work at church with many exciting projects to do as well.  What a great life we have.  And what a blessing it is, in Randy’s words, to “have meaningful work.”  It is compelling.


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