It’s Getting to be Crunch Time

crunch-timeFor everything! The container contents is being readied for shipment on June 4 and the crazy thing is that we will not know whether it will be a 20 foot or 40 foot container until all the things that are still being collected have been assembled in one place.  Friends and colleagues are still gathering books, lots of books.  A relative told us last night that when we pick up her batch we should bring a small truck.  Wow!  We are still negotiating about medical supplies and heaven only knows how much space it will require when we have it all together.  Our sewing machines are here, there and everywhere, getting looked over, oiled, and belted.  A crate needs to be built for the organ and….the list is getting longer and longer.

This morning I looked over at Randy’s work station and his list was several pages long, well-organized and daunting.  Thanks be to God that he can and does devote so much time on this project.  I have other responsibilities (like being the pastor of a congregation) and if it were just up to me, the container would never leave the dock in Mechanicsburg.

We covet your support and prayers right now-your resources as well if God calls you to share.


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