Beautiful Music

300px-HyfrydolThis morning, an organist came to the warehouse to play the instrument that is taking a mission trip to Africa.  This man is 78 years old and has played organ music since he was five.  He has taught his children and grandchildren on that instrument.  He can make it ring out Hyfrydol as easily as a tango or a carnival tune.  And that is what he did this morning in the middle of the warehouse with the forklifts whizzing around him and the volunteers stopping whatever they were doing to listen to that amazing sound reverberating through the vastness of Mission Central, making the place even more beautiful than it already is.

Yes, I think of Mission Central as a beautiful place.  Day in and day out food, disaster relief materials, school supplies, medical equipment and our college library books move through the place.  In the far corner, the guys from Computer Ministry repair, refurbish and recycle and then send 110 of those computers to SHUCo.  Cleaning buckets loaded with essentials are awaiting shipment to the next flood, earthquake or hurricane area.    Armies of volunteers come in everyday to package school kits, birthing kits and health kits.  Donations come in, get sorted and go out.  It is a beautiful place because with every hand that moves the world gets transformed and becomes a better and different place.  Mission Central’s music is the grace of God and the generosity of people.  So, this morning, the hands that tie the strings on health kits and the hands that move and sort medical equipment met the hands that played Hyfrydol, a song that some of us( and probably lots of other people) like to sing as “Love Divine, all Loves Excelling.”  How right!  How appropriate.  How true.

It gives me great joy to know that the songs that played this morning in the warehouse were in harmony with the forklifts.  It delights me to know that the song will be played again after the ocean journey.  It gives me a profound sense of the “love divine” to know that God has his eye on and tends to people who will hear that instrument sometime this fall.  May they make the most generous music God inspires them to play.mission Central


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