Miracles and Sunken Apple Cake

MicroscopeI know the title is mysterious but if you read on I will explain.  Microscopes first.  They have been on the wish list of SHUCo’s science department for a while and now doubly so because the new college is working to get a nursing degree track going.  One arrived today after I have been asking for one for at least six months and this one came by the grace of God.  There is the long story….about my microbiology degree  (before becoming a pastor),  about how vital these things are in hospitals to figure out what is going on with certain patients, about how microbiology is ever more important in the 21st century.  No matter. For six months there was NOTHING, though we searched at colleges, charities, medical clinics and even contacted a company that services microscopes across our state.  The search yielded….NOTHING.  Until today.

One of the places where I get my own medical care heard my story during a recent visit and let me know that they had medical scales, nursing books, an ultrasound machine!!!! and more ready to go on a mission to Tanzania.  We sent one of our volunteers for pick-up today and when he came back, there was theeeee microscope on the front seat of his van.  In working condition!  Holy Cow! It’s a little miracle after so many months of searching.

Now onto the sunken apple cake.  It’s a German tradition straight from my family.  It’s the easiest cake my mother taught me to make when when she taught me how to cook.  But easy doesn’t mean simple because the taste of that cake is out of this world.  Like a miracle maybe-out of this world. For this reason Randy has loved the taste of the cake since the first time I have made it many years ago. He learned how to bake it himself and made it his signature gift ever since tech4tanzania was born.  Give us a piece of equipment and Randy will bake a sunken apple cake for you.  Tell the Tanzania story-get a cake.  Do something special-the doorbell will ring with a German gift in the hands of my husband.  He is baking one right now and you know why.

When something extraordinary happens you can only respond in kind.  A miracle for a miracle.  An act of generosity for another.  A special gift for a special gift. An apple cake for a microscope.  It doesn’t sound right in the world but by God’s reckoning, I think it is.  It’s the kingdom.  It’s a blessing.  versunkener apfelkuchen


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