Stethoscopes-Part II

A neighbor of ours who is a great artist, a salesperson and district manager, a husband, a gourmet cook and a general all-around renaissance man called us yesterday and said that we needed to come by his house.   His name is Mike and he can tell you exactly how long he has been been married to his beloved.  Sometimes we ask him that question during a dinner party or get-together just to see whether he is still counting.  He does and that means that he is a man who pays attention.  His wife always grins when he gives years, months, days, hours and minutes without hesitation because he adds that it is the best time he has ever spent.

In any case, this man who pays attention has been paying attention to us, or to what has occupied our heartminds these last few months.  How do we get the SHUCo nursing school off the ground?  What supplies do we need beyond the books?  Whom can we ask?  We have talked about this not for years, but surely for months and hours and minutes.  And Mike has listened and heard.  Today, when I arrived at his house, he handed me a box with 20 brand-new stethoscopes in it.  His gift to the cause.  So that the new students each can have one draped across their shoulders or in their ears as they listen to hearts beating years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.  Maybe there is a way for these instruments to discern a generous heart.  One like Mike’s.  That would be cool.


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