The Soccer Ball Caper

The championship team

The championship team

All five of our grandchildren play soccer in either recreational or competitive leagues and have a lot of fun doing it.  For our granddaughter McKenna it is a particularly good year.  She plays on a highly competitive travel team in a highly competitive league and the name of her team is “Impact.”  Team Impact has won three consecutive tournaments in three consecutive weeks and that included the state cup championship.  Way to go, right?

What all the grandchildren have taught us is that to play well you have to kick ball in the right direction and make a good pass.  So when Manow Jr. Seminary in the Konde Diocese wondered whether we could include some sports equipment for high school students on the container , we wanted to do the right thing….kick the ball in the right direction, of course.

We contacted McKenna’s dad (my son) who is on the board of that competitive league and asked him to help us out.  The board granted us permission to set up a booth at the Memorial Day Shoot-out Tournament and ask for donations of sports equipment.  We were there for two days and talked to anybody who dared walk by or saw our colorful sign.  We told folks that they should empty out their garages and give us all that extra stuff gathering dust.  We invited them to dream about letting their children play against a team from half-way around the world some day.  We said that generosity mattered.

It worked.  It was a great pass.  Now it is our garage that is stuffed with balls and cleats and jerseys and more.  Let the sorting and packing begin.  What a great team effort this one was. It was a win.

Team Member Sarah checking the donations

Team Member Sarah checking the donations


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One thought on “The Soccer Ball Caper

  1. Kumbuka on said:

    It is so wonderful team! “Impact team” Congratulations!

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