Down to the Wire

This morning Randy went for the umpteenth time to Mission Central to do some more packing and stashing and putting stuff on pallets.  We are almost there and next week, on the 13th, it is container loading day.  However, in the meanwhile, we also have to get through our annual synod assembly which begins this evening.  Tech4tanzania has a display table and I will show you what is happening there as soon as it is set up and I can take some pictures.  We are displaying and talking because we are still looking for all manner of help from folks in our synod.  We will also elect a new bishop at this assembly.  Come Holy Spirit and give us a wise and mission-oriented bishop.  Amen.

On our home front there are a gazillion details to be sorted through and checked off the list.  This morning I counted calendar days to see how many pills I needed to order for Isaac the beagle who is remaining behind in our house while Randy and I go off to Africa.  Don’t worry-Isaac will not be lonely.  We have a live-in dog-sitter for him.  Then there are clothes to be sorted, family to be contacted and the grandchildren’s wish list to be compiled (a very important list!)-from Masai beaded jewelry to carved zebras, elephants and giraffes to Kanga cloth and more.  So I am writing it all down lest I forget something.

Off to the next assignment…..


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