It means friendship in Swahili.  And that is the name of tech4tanzania’s giraffe at synod assembly.  Pastor Njinga, the representative from the Konde Diocese to our assembly, helped name the beautiful beast.  He/she (we have not yet assigned gender) now will make the rounds among our partner churches until she is returned to her maker, our daughter-in-law Jackieraye,

for use with the children at the Jewish Community Center in York over the summer.  Tomorrow Urafiki will find a welcome at Slate Hill Mennonite, then go on to United Methodist Mission Central on loading day and who knows where else.  He/she was a hit at synod assembly. (Some people had their picture taken with her.)

Mr. Mwawaja making a presentation at synod assembly.

Mr. Mwawaja making a presentation at synod assembly.

Pastor Njinga and Mr. Elisha Mwawaja  both made excellent presentations to our synod assembly.  They also saw us elect a new bishop by overwhelming majority.  His name is Pastor James Dunlop and we are glad to have him start his new calling in September.  In the meanwhile, life moves on at brake-neck speed.  Packing is just about done, loading comes on June 13.  Then packing and BIG TRIP to Tanzania for Randy and me.


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