The Day before the Day

Tomorrow we travel… a long way.  And our lists are still as long as the miles.  Randy has gone to pick up the house/dogsitter who will live here for the duration.  There is a big list for him as well.  Where is water shut-off?  Where is the electrical panel?  How do I turn on the washing machine?  What does it mean when Isaac brings the yellow toy dog?  And how often am I supposed to water the garden?  It is a good thing that someone is living in the house while we are away.  But it also adds to the lists.

One of the things that I have noticed about the list-making is that traveling as an older person means having a full page of one’s medications one needs to take along on the journey in order to stay alive.  It didn’t used to be that way.  When I was really young a toothbrush and bathing suit were enough to get me to the south of France and back. No lists. Now it’s blood pressure medication and multi-vitamins and benadryl and more.  The other thing that has radically changed from traveling since my youth is that I can’t leave home without my communications devices anymore-the computer, a nook, a phone, all the charging cords, extra batteries.  But I don’t mind that as much as the pill bottles because now the grandchildren won’t have to wait until I get home to see the pictures of the lions and the giraffes.  And we can join a Google hangout or a Facebook chat while the excitement is still fresh and talk to one another.

So now back to the lists….flashlight, toilet paper..yes, toilet paper…. and check the weather report in Amsterdam….and the Serengeti.


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One thought on “The Day before the Day

  1. safari njema! safe travel!

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