We have arrived and have met up with family after a sleepless night on an otherwise uneventful flight.  Of course there was a crying baby two rows in front of us.  But there was also our seat mate Joel, a peace and justice advocate who is on his way to Turkey to work with Syrian rebels on civil order issues.  Talking to this very interesting young man made the long flight seem to go faster.

Then it was waiting at the hotel for my family to arrive.  Randy and I took a couple of turns around the hotel neighborhood in the pouring rain to stay awake.  Someone took pity on us and gifted us an umbrella when we could not find a store that carried any.  It seems that the people who live here take days like this in June with downpours and really stiff, cold breezes coming in from the ocean perfectly in stride.  They still ride their bicycles, wear shorts, and walk everywhere not worrying about getting wet.  They are a tough lot.

This afternoon we finally got to nap, the weather calmed down, the rain stopped and my family, Randy and I did a little bit of sightseeing, eating and catching up over a beer.  And now I am truly tuckered out. It’s time to turn in.

One of the many canals we passed this afternoon.

One of the many canals we passed this afternoon.


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