OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat means canal tour which we did both on the boat and on foot.  Amsterdam is an unbelievably green and quiet city for all the people who live here.  All along the “grachten” is much greenery, lots of bicycles and few cars.  Just beautiful and people friendly. And speaking of bicycles, it’s like at home driving the car.  We saw folks barreling down the bike paths with one hand holding an open umbrella, the other hand checking text messages on the i-phone and no hands on the handle bars.  No helmet laws either.  I wonder how they do this in a city with 600,000 bicycles and not have an accident on every corner.

We dodged a couple of downpours by hanging out in a local cafe.  As an inveterate coffee fanatic I have to remember that the coffee here is much more potent than back in the US.  Here “regular” coffee is what I would call an expresso back home and expressos are coffee grounds with a drop of water.  I have to pace myself.

And speaking of pacing myself, we walked a lot today.  So much so that we were in need of a late afternoon break before heading out again for dinner.  What we will have-who knows.  It’s an adventure.



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