I’m in Africa!!!!!!

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am on the ground in Africa,  It is nine in the morning and we had a good night’s rest in the hotel that Mr. Munisi and Tanzania Vision Travel had arranged for us.  The people living next door to the hotel have chickens and the rooster has been crowing since daybreak.  It is a very comforting sound to me, have known it since my childhood and it makes me feel right at home.

I watched the schoolchildren in their proper uniforms walk by the hotel on their way to classes from our room window.  Everyone walks here-a lot, and even though there are minibuses and folks on mopeds, the vast majority of people walk to work or school.  This morning they are doing it in a bit of red mud because of a little rain that came at daybreak.

Outside the gate of the hotel (locked) are the hawkers who are holding up t-shirts and safari hats and yelling “jambo” at us as we walk to breakfast.  Everybody is poor and just trying to make a living for the day.  I understand the need to earn some money, but I am not buying.

We are right at the foot of Kilimanjaro in Moshi where all the treks up the mountains start but we cannot see this legendary landmark because of the clouds and the mountain is shrouded in mist.  We’ll be back to this spot on Sunday so there is another chance to feast my eyes on it later in the week.

Today begins the safari which is exciting, scary, unbelievable and wonderful all at the same time.  Pick-up is in half an hour.  I can barely wait.


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