Early Morning

Tanzania sunrise

Tanzania sunrise

The roosters just started crowing and woke me up.  There is a hint of dawn on the horizon and the stars have already faded away.  Have I told you yet how beautiful and disorienting the southern hemisphere night sky has been?  Without the trappings of civilization you can see the Milky Way like a big smudge across the sky and I now understand what Abraham must have felt in his gut and bones when God promised to make his descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky.  He must have been overwhelmed by the grace of God.  But of course, the night sky here is a bit different than the one Abraham saw or that I see when I am home and that makes it also a bit disorienting.  One of our fellow travelers  at Ndutu lodge pointed out the southern cross to us when we were sitting at the campfire there.    My fist ever real look at the famous constellation.  And now the roosters are up and you really do not need a modern alarm clock in these parts to get yourself out of bed and start your day.

The roosters and hens belong to Mrs Mwankenja, the wife of the college provost who lives next door. They run free over the college campus and help her feed her family which is quite large.  There are the Mwankenja children, adopted children, visiting family children and more.  It’s a crowd.  The children are on school holiday right now so we got to meet them all before dinner last night. They were in the courtyard watching the charcoal cookers heating up the dishwater and cooking some beans and rice, a staple food in these parts. Good and healthy for you as well.

Time to get going, put on some clothes and get ready for the meeting with the bishop today.  Car horns are beginning to honk in the distance.  Civilization has returned and I am beginning to appreciate its absence very much.




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One thought on “Early Morning

  1. Myrna Eshleman on said:

    Your entries are absolutely delightful! We feel as though we are seeing things with you. Today is July 4th. Surely it will be celebrated differently here and how you will spend your “Independence Day”.
    Have a wonderful time.
    Myrna with Ken

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