And Now for the Humor

A few posts back I talked about the unpredictability of water pressure here, how mindful one has to be about taking a shower and when, and how early in the morning it is virtually impossible to jump out of bed and do what I routinely manage back home in the US.  There is, however, one thing in our little bathroom that functions perfectly all the time, every time.  It is the toilet. Some kind soul installed a European, Western style “water closet” for us guests in this little room.  It comes complete with tank and two buttons, in the African vernacular, one for the “short call” and one for the “long call.”  It looks brand-new and for whatever reasons works perfectly whether we have good water pressure, low water pressure or no water pressure anywhere else in the bathroom.  It is the crown jewel in the place.  It looks shiny and brand-new.  It works with precision.  And the best part about it is that the company name is emblazoned on top of the tank.  Believe it or not, it is “handsome.”  Yes, handsome!  Randy smiles all the time when he comes out of the bathroom.


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One thought on “And Now for the Humor

  1. This made me think back to our first trip to Europe where the bathrooms are just a bit different than what we were accustomed to here in the US. The bathtubs were the size of small swimming pools, and of course the toilets were another source of amusement. Trying to flush down one’s business always a challenge regardless of the water pressure.

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