Just Life

So we have finally moved to our last residence before boarding a plane and heading home.   As much as I have enjoyed and appreciated being here I do indeed now understand why Randy kept talking about plumbing so much last year when he would phone me from Tanzania.  Forgive me, my Tanzanian friends, but one thing you lack are good plumbers and decent plumbing.  In every place we have stayed since arriving, something in the bathroom has not worked.  Showers and waterlines have  leaked and are leaking, sometimes terribly, so that you cannot go into the bathroom without shoes on.  Water heaters don’t work properly (think cold showers on cold Tanzanian mornings) and toilets, well, toilets deserve a story on their own.  Most things seem to be installed in the wrong manner (with the exception of “handsome” at SHUCo) and I don’t know how you manage to not get frustrated every morning  as you enter your bathrooms and deal with this.

Last night we went out to dinner at a local “diner” or what would be considered the Tanzanian equivalent.  It belongs to one of the parish evangelists and his wife and has been around for some thirty years.  The man raised his six children in a place the size of my first floor and that includes the restaurant.  He is known by the neighborhood.  And as always, he thought that his job was to be generous to his pastor’s special visitors.  There was so much food it did not all fit on the table.  We ate in the dark because the electricity was out and Kumbuka bemoaned the fact that in the USA, one could call the power company and inquire how much longer it would take for the electricity to be restored.  It came back on in the middle of the night some time which meant that I could use the electric water kettle and make some coffee this morning.  Hallelujah and Amen.  One does become thankful for small things the longer one stays in Tanzania.

Today we are shopping for Kitengas and I’ll explain later what that is.


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