Tomorrow we Pack

So today was the last Sunday where we had worship-Tanzanian style.  I preached at Ruanda parish where, like the last two posts about worship the congregation is large, the music lively, the enthusiasm high and the dancing excellent.  Today the most fabulous dancing was done by the children’s choir who came with fabulous costumes, amazing rhythm instruments and the ability to sing in harmony and dance at the same time.  I am glad we have a video of it because it would be hard to believe otherwise.

The other great and noteworthy thing about Ruanda’s worship today were the baptisms.  One was of a man who had come to faith serving a five year sentence in prison.  The folks cheered loudly about that new family member.  One of the other baptisms was that of a young woman who is a former Muslim and was converted by another recent convert from that faith tradition.  So tears and joy all the way around.

And tomorrow we pack.  How I don’t know yet.  We have way too much stuff, not for ourselves but everyone and more at home.  Tomorrow we will see what hard decisions we might have to make about taking some things and leaving others behind. Tomorrow we will pack stuff  and not leave any memories behind.

the baptisms

the baptisms


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