Okay, I am a bit anxious about some of you thinking that now that Randy and I are home  (as of 6PM today), the blog is going to get boring because what is there to say about American life that you don’t already know as a citizen of this great place.  Well, I still have a bunch of good ones in my head and heart…like some of the things I need to reflect upon in the blog with regard to the seemingly irreconcilable differences about friendship and the use of money that seem to exist among us.  There needs to be at least one other blog about toilets, washrooms, plumbing and bathroom standards…honestly, (Thanks Myrna and Ken for the wonderful message on the mantle), one blog about cooking with Veronica and sampling Swahili cuisine which is limited even though God makes everything grow in Tanzania, animals and plants alike.  So much more to write, especially now that I actually feel washed and clean and my mind has had a chance to focus on something other than getting personal hygiene done.  Mind you, Randy and I have been up and about for over 36 hours, taking three plane rides over three continents and feeling a bit ditzy at best.  So watch for things to come soon.  Like tomorrow.  I am bursting with stories. I just need a good night’s sleep.  And thanks for reading.


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One thought on “Home!

  1. wendy cekovich on said:

    Welcome home! We missed you and can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

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