Writer’s Cramp

After the jet lag and readjusting to normal US life I tried to tackle all the pieces of writing I had to do and it wasn’t easy.  There was a mountain of e-mail to answer.  Mission Central was hoping for a piece on the trip to Africa and how their contribution to this enterprise made a difference (of course it did..immensely).  My church’s newsletter was due and late.  Randy suggested I let our synod know what we have been up to of the past 6 weeks so it could be included in their e-news.  And so it went.  I, of course, wanted to write  for this blog because I only managed one post since we arrived back home.

The trouble is that I seem to have run out of words to say about the experience of East Africa for the time being.  Some of it is still percolating through my soul like trying to come to terms with a Tanzania that is at once breathtakingly beautiful and that also in its imperfection breaks my heart.  Some experiences have not yet found their own words to describe them.  Some things will forever remain unsaid.  And some of the funny things I have already said more than once (like the temporary moratorium on rice and beans and getting wrinkled skin from taking too many hot showers).

The experience of Africa changes people and everyone who has spent any time there knows it.  One of the folks who talked to me about their trips to Tanzania said that it has a way of getting under your skin.  I believe that.  It has and continues to do so and I suppose it takes time to get used to the new “me.”  So I seem to have writer’s cramp, not in my hands, but in my soul at the moment.  It’ll pass, I’m sure.


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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Cramp

  1. Myrna Eshleman on said:

    Dear Anne, Sometimes it just takes time to let those thoughts and feelings that have not yet be put into words to form–kind of like the prayers that cannot be said in words that, nonetheless, rise as fragrant incense up to God. And God’s Spirit communes with our spirit and interprets them to God. I treasure so much what you have already shared.

  2. Jane in Orlando on said:

    I have read your Blog on Tanzania with much interest to get a flavor of the place that will be the new home to my treadle sewing machine. I have appreciated your descriptive writing of a place with a culture completely foreign to me. I have felt the essence of your thoughts between your words. Being there would be an experience that I would find extremely challenging in witnessing their struggles. You have inspired in me heartfelt sentiments for these beautiful people. It sounds like God’s blessings were flying back and forth between everyone on your visit!

    I hope you will include unloading pictues when the shipment arrives. And possibly pictures of the new Sewing Center.

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