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Uyole congregation

Uyole congregation

I had a great day at Sunday worship today, primarily because we had the baptism of a fourth generation Christian in that church which meant that everyone came back to the mother church today and was glad to be there and rejoice.  It was also a great Sunday because I got to show off some of my Africa pictures in a power point during the Sunday School hour.   Between us, Randy and I must have a couple of thousand pictures because we hardly went anywhere without at least one camera if not two.  I think Randy’ favorite shot while in Africa was giraffes while mine probably was landscapes.

SHUCo's outdoor study hall

SHUCo’s outdoor study hall

So of course there was no way to put a couple of thousand pictures into a power point and not bore people to tears and I needed to choose.  It is always curious how that happens, what is important to show, what is important for me to show to you.  What is it that I want you to learn and see about my experience.  What broke my heart, made me laugh, wowed me, made me exclaim “unbelievable,”  and is just so different from my own culture that it has to be included.

For me, it was mostly the scenes of everyday Tanzanian life that got to me.  This is where we spent most of our time.  This is what has the biggest impact on our souls and psyches and determines, for the most part, our well-being.   This everyday life is what I try to make as consistent with who I am as possible.  So….

…..this is Veronica’s kitchen, I said.  Can you believe that?  How many of us would put up with cooking like that?……..One charcoal burner and no cutting board……..The students drag the chairs out of the classroom to the quad every day.  This is their study hall…….. See those signs back there?  They say that you should not venture beyond that point.  Not safe.  The lions prowl out there……This is Uyole Lutheran Church.  We may have a lot of stuff but look what these people have.  Can you see how full it is?  And on and on it went.

We are a very visual culture here in this country.  Some of us need to see the pictures to grasp and apprehend the story.  Some of us cannot paint the picture with words alone.  And some of us want the whole thing because it just means more to see and hear.  So we had the presentation today and the pictures and the questions and some sense as to why I went to Tanzania in the first place in 2013.  It was good.  It was very good.

Veronica's kitchen

Veronica’s kitchen


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