It Has Arrived

We received word this morning that our container (container #2) has arrived in the harbor of Dar es Salaam and might be offloaded as I write this blog.  Now the real praying has to begin as we need to get the container from the harbor to Mbeya and SHUCo, and believe it or not that is the harder part of the journey, not just physically but also monetarily.  There are travel costs, loading costs,  fees and maybe even taxes to be paid.  There is the one and only road on which I saw so many trucks break down.  There are troubles getting gas at stations sometimes.  There is all of that and more.  Put on your prayer face and that prayer attitude….especially those of you who have something on the container they are sending to Mbeya.  Start talking to God now. Tell Him you want it to get there.  Soon.


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  1. …and safe:)

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