Tanzania Cancellation

Dear friends and coworkers in Christ,

I have received an email from Tanzanian Bishop Israel Peter Mwakyolile stating that members of the delegation have not received passports and/or visas necessary to book flights for the visit this month and into early June.  At this time the decision about if and when to try to bring them here lies with my bishop and the committee that relates to the Tanzanian diocese from here.  That committee has not met.  I have not received any information about how that decision will be made.  I have asked the assistant to the bishop here to keep me informed of plans.

I believe that the scheduled trip to Tanzania by my bishop and his assistant later this summer is still on.  If so, they might talk and plan further about the healthcare delegation and others visiting or studying in the US in the coming months.

I am sad and disappointed because of this cancellation.  I will try to ask for a “rain check” with those who opened their centers for visitation.  I believe Myrna and Ken have also been working to schedule introductions of our partners from Tanzania to local partners and friends.  Thank you for those efforts.  Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience or embarrassment this cancellation might cause.

Let us continue to pray that God’s work might be assisted with our hearts and hands.

God’s blessings, always.

Randy Barr


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