Pharmacist to Visit Tanzania

Tom Feldbauer, a local pharmacist, will be departing soon for a 6 week life changing experience in Tanzania.  As a volunteer pharmacist, he will arrive at the airport in Kilimanjaro and travel about 60 miles to a hospital in Karatu.  His personal mission is to review the current pharmaceutical situation in the region with the intent to proffer assistance in improving the present situation within current constraints imposed on the country. Having to deal with physical, software, contracting and political systems can seem like an overwhelming task, but we all have learned that you can only eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time, and of course we rely on God’s graces and mercies as we pursue His work with our hands.  God has graciously given Tom the time, talent and desire for this endeavor, so we wholly lift him in prayer and wish him well.  We know that this experience will be life changing for Tom, and an opportunity for us to bring aide and help to folks who are truly in need.  God’s blessings to us all.




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