News from Tanzania on Pharmacy Service

Dear Friends,
This just in from Tom Feldbauer, our pharmacist friend serving in Tanzania. He is in Karatu and is doing  fine. God and everyone have been helpful and kind. Thanks to all who are praying for me. He is about to begin work; however WiFi connections are limited.  He visited the hospital today. Pharmacy is small but no computer. Karatu population is getting bigger but water supply is not, so it may have water supply problems in few years.
Dr Makyao told him that his job is to help the pharmacy improve record keeping and make appropriate supplies available.
Dr Makyao also said that many women have asthma and breathing related allergies, so they treat more breathing issues than AIDS.
They also have many more women patients than men – men don’t want to admit or talk about their weaknesses or illnesses. Water in the town is generally clean but not always pure enough. They do give a lot of antibiotics, especially to village people.
Dr Makyao’s biggest pharmacy concern is maintaining proper communication and assuring proper delivery of needed items.  Sounds like every pharmacy’s job, so Tom is confident. that he can help improve their staff’s paperwork which will hopefully improve things. Weather has been very nice.
Please pray for Tom, his family and his service in the weeks ahead that he may be safe and led by the Holy Spirit in this service, that his family is sustained in their lives and faith while he is away and that all is to the glory of God.

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