Update from Tom Feldbauer

I’m now staying at local pastor’s hostel. It’s safe, nice and costs less, but will keep me busier making food, cleaning, etc. The Karatu hospital staff will soon be considering making a formulary to remind doctors that could help hospital use lower costs meds and hopefully better availability too. I’ve been helping count meds for prescriptions and starting to understand the current system. I’ve made a few suggestions, but Pharmacy Director is really busy and I don’t know if he can consider/use them. Very interesting to see shepherds with cows, sheep, goats & mules – sometimes mixed flocks and the animals get along, maybe because they don’t have choices. Many people don’t have many choices here either. Most are surprised to see me and smile at or back at me. Some want me to understand Swahili, most don’t mind trying to talk to me in English. The transport vehicles try to get as packed as possible with someone or something. Along with lack of paved roads, that may be why many vehicles could want/need repairs. The weather has been cool at night and some days almost hot. Very little rain, but almost always at least some clouds. So yes, pleasant people and weather and I am making some progress on having my current, sensible suggestions politely considered.  I suggest you remind any future travelers they should get the money (change) they are owed immediately after each purchase, because tomorrow’s paybacks usually never occur unless you know the person very well. I won’t likely contact you again until Saturday. Please thank everyone for their prayers. God bless you, Anne and all who are keeping me in prayer.



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